My Total Body Makeover

 Yes,that's me!  I intentionally gained 35 pounds of fat and then lost 50 pounds. I started my weight gaining phase at 180 pounds and finished at 215 pounds. After my body makeover was done,I weighed in at 165 and I was stronger than I'd ever been. My body transformation was 100% all natural.  This means I didn't use any supplements whats so ever.... not even  plain old protein powder.  See all the before and after stats on my blog. 



Tony is 100% focused on giving his all to help me achieve the results I want.  This includes paying attention to what I’m doing, providing motivation and making each workout fun and different so you never know what to expect next. In 6 short months, I lost 60 pounds by doing fun, kick-butt workouts with Tony and listening to his advice on how to eat healthy.  Tony knows the formula for success!

Thank you Tony!


Jim Savitz

“Tony has dramatically improved my health and strength as well as a by-product, my emotional well being. Tony has also helped me establish and continue a cardio program for overall fitness. I am thrilled by the success I have attained

Frank Edwards
3 time Maryland State Champion
2003 NCAA Division 1 All-American

“I credit my improvement and terrific season to being a lot stronger. I was able to physically control my opponents in almost all of my matches witch enabled me to work the moves that I wanted to execute. Tony really helped me gain the strength and confidence that I needed to win.”